Personal Training Suspension Frame at A&W

A&W Fitness is a personal training gym that I own in Addison (along with co-owner Josh Amora), and is where all of my training takes place.  This gym is for personal training only, so a membership is not necessary.  Also, since this is not a corporate membership gym you do not need to worry about crowds of people watching you work out! It also means that it is designed specifically for personal training, so we have picked the exact equipment that best fits our training methods and reduces the down-time that exists when walking from one side of an over-sized 30,000 square foot membership gym to the other. Keeping this down-time to a minimum means that we can fit more into the same time frame, and also that we can keep your heart rate up throughout a workout and ensure that you are getting the benefits of both resistance training AND cardiovascular exercise (don’t let this scare you though, we will be sure to build you up to this and not just throw you into the deep end and hope you can swim!).

Personal Trainer Gym A&W FitnessUPDATE: As of December 2012, we have now expanded into the previously vacant space next door to the gym! As a result, we have taken one step closer to our goal of becoming a complete wellness center. We have teamed up with Doctor Homer Johnson, DC of Next Level Wellness, who now offices out of our facility and offers premium quality chiropractic and acupuncture. We have also added a yoga room, of which you can find more information here: A&W Yoga. We have also added more space for additional personal training tools, another room for myofascial work (see “DMS” tab at the top of the page), and will be adding a far infrared sauna as well.


Addison and Dallas area fitness center:

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A & W Fitness: 15004 Beltway Drive, Addison, TX 75001

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