Addicted to Caffeine?

From coffee to Red Bull and everything in between, people are always looking for ways to get a quick energy boost. The problem is, in the long run this tends to backfire and cause the exact opposite to happen! Many of you reading this right now are probably addicted to caffeine to the point where you would get a headache if you didn’t have your daily dose of caffeine tomorrow morning! Now I’m absolutely not saying caffeine is all bad, but our culture tends to think that if a small amount of something can be good then more must be better. Having 25mg of caffeine from a cup of green tea is clearly nothing like 200mg+ that is in plenty of energy drinks out there.

When you take in caffeine and/or other stimulants in excess, it has a similar effect on your adrenal system that taking steroids has on your endocrine system. If a bodybuilder’s body becomes accustomed to getting copious amounts of testosterone injected every week, then his body recognizes this excess and has no need to produce as much testosterone itself because plenty is being supplied already. So in turn, he becomes reliant upon this outside source of testosterone and would have a deficiency if he were to stop injecting it artificially and rely again on his natural production that has drastically decreased (and this is only a small part of the problem, for the sake of this discussion I won’t get into the effects of throwing off the ratios in relation to other hormones and having much more complicated problems than just testosterone levels).

In the same way that the bodybuilder would stop producing enough testosterone because of getting it injected, a person over-consuming stimulants will have trouble producing adrenaline and extracting enough energy naturally from food. Once it gets to this point, stopping all at once becomes extremely difficult but by gradually tapering down and working toward cutting it out completely it is still possible to regain proper adrenal function. And as I said before, this doesn’t have to mean ZERO stimulant use, just preferably very minimal. As a rule of thumb, if you can’t go a few days without any caffeine and feel just fine then you are probably still too reliant on it. All of this being said, this will only work if you are also eating properly, exercising and getting enough rest. In the end, everything comes back to nutrition and exercise, which is why there is no magic pill that can make you healthy.