Changing Your Subconscious Perspective

We all make decisions about our health constantly throughout every single day. Aside from short term changes that don’t last, the bulk of our decisions come down to one thing- our subconscious perspective. For most people, this perspective is that we put up with a long work day and reward ourselves with junk food and relaxation time in front of the TV after work. On the contrary, a healthier person simply views his or her day differently and makes decisions with an entirely different subconscious belief. They believe that if they eat well and make time for exercise, the entire rest of the day becomes their reward because they will feel better, have more energy, have a higher level of self-confidence, be more free of guilt, likely make more money as a result of higher productivity, and simply be happier in general.

This change in mindset is the key difference that I have observed in all my time as a personal trainer that separates those who do and don’t make permanent changes in their lifestyles. No matter how good the intentions are of a person looking to change, they will end up right back where they started if they don’t begin to look at their choices from a different angle.

The best part about all of this is that these good decisions affect MUCH more than just weight loss and physical health. Making these decisions tends to set off a chain reaction that affects all areas of life. The aforementioned changes in self-confidence, energy, productivity, and lack of guilt lead to drastic improvements to mental health and overall well-being to go along with the physical health changes. Many people initially want to get fit because they want to look better in a swim suit, but in the end realize that their beach body was only a small side benefit in comparison to the higher quality of life that they have achieved. As the trainer, I can handle all of the gritty details and the education on which decisions will get to the desired outcome, but the success of each individual comes down to one simple concept:

Health is a mindset, not a diet and exercise regimen.


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