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Amy’s Personal Training results from working with Trainer Paul- and still improving!

The hardest part about writing a testimonial for A&W Fitness is figuring out where to start.  Ultimately, this place changed my life in so many ways.  I started working out with Trainer Paul in my home over a year ago, right before my husband and I adopted our daughter.  I never thought I’d start working with a personal trainer, as I used to be an athlete when younger, and I’m not so much into somebody telling me what to do.  I thought I knew it all!  Needless to say, in my first 7 years of a happy marriage, my husband and I put on quite a bit of weight.  It was time to make a difference, so I started working out with a personal trainer.  I never thought it would last, but why not give it a try?  I started seeing some immediate results.  Trainer Paul not only made workout plans for me that got more and more challenging, but he also encouraged me to eat healthy and gave me great tips and suggestions that I still use to maintain my body today.  When you think you know it all…give listening to your trainer a chance, as they have probably seen people just like yourself, and know the challenges you are going through to achieve your goals.  I don’t eat bland foods by any means, so eating on a trainer’s nutritional advice doesn’t have to be miserable.  I’m enjoying healthy food! 

After a few months of working with A & W Fitness, I had to have major surgery to remove a large abdominal tumor.  I already had so much muscle growth and weight loss that my recovery went much smoother than it was supposed to.  Having a fit body can do so much more for you than you think about.  This was the point when I realized how valuable my personal trainer was.  I was exempt from working out for 2 months, and all I could think about was when I could get back to the gym.  Normally, on workout days, I dread seeing Paul, but I couldn’t wait to have him back! 

I’ve now, at 33 years old, gotten my body into almost the best shape of my life.  I have a little more to go, but I’m happy, healthy and feeling better than I thought possible.  Heck, there are 50 lbs gone, and a whole lot of new muscle in my body, so its hard to not be happy and have such a large smile on my face everyday.  In my business, as the business owner, I am required to close new prospects.  Now, I go out with the confidence that I was previously missing.  Being confident in yourself is one of the most valuable assets you can possess, so my closing ratio has spiked higher than I dreamt possible. 

I just ran my first half marathon a month ago and won my division. I’m loving competing, like I was in high school again and running til I can’t run any further.  For years, my “to-do” list had an Ironman competition on it.  Needless to say, until I met the guys at A&W Fitness, I was never actually going to compete.  My 2013 schedule is filled with half marathons and marathons, and I’m booking my half Ironman and full Ironman for 2014.  Although I train with Trainer Paul, both he and Josh inspire me to be better than I am today.  They inspire me to be the woman I dream of becoming.  Thank you guys for changing my life and for making me proud and confident!  I will never again question the value of a personal trainer.  When my daughter grows up, she’s going to be proud of who her mommy is thanks to you!  Number one lesson I will teach her is that if you set your mind to it, you can achieve anything.  You might need help and support along the way, but if you seek people out that can make you stronger or smarter, you’ll be one step ahead of the rest of the pack! 


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