Zen Fit (Group Training)
*Wednesdays @ 5:30pm

This unique class will take you through an invigorating, yet relaxing combination of functional fitness & yoga, followed by a brief meditation at the end to release any remaining mental & physical tension. This is NOT a boot camp style class – this class is proof that exercise can actually feel GOOD!

Rules of Zen Fit:
Group exercise fitness yoga, group personal training
1. Breathe!
Relaxed breathing (even when you’re winded!) can be the difference between creating tension and releasing it!

2. Stay loose!
No rigid, forceful movement – our goal isn’t to attack our bodies, it’s to stimulate them.

3. Listen to your body!
“Good form” has more to do with how it feels and less to do with how it looks.

4. No shoes!
Natural movement starts from the ground up, so Zen Fit is a shoe-free zone!

5.Don’t let money be the reason you don’t come!
Can’t afford the recommended donation? I’ve been there – please come anyway and just give what you can. There will never be any judgement, and all donations in the donation box will be anonymous (unless of course you leave a check with your name on it!)

Pricing: Donation Only (Recommended donation of $15 per session; All credit card payments will automatically be done at $15)

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