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Burbank personal trainer hiking in death valley

Paul (left) hiking in Death Valley with some new friends from Switzerland (2018)

From Gym Owner to Minimalist Movement Explorer

After 7 years of teaching out of my own training studio in Dallas, I decided to make the scary / exciting decision of closing down my business at its peak of popularity to follow something bigger.

After a dozen years of teaching, my practice had evolved to the point where I needed to create an entirely new way of sharing it. I took a year off to dive deeper into my personal practice and prepare to implement my new vision for teaching that I had been developing for years.

I spent a year traveling in a van and living / practicing in remote mountains and forests to reset my entire life in preparation for this next phase. I now teach predominantly in the LA area through workshops, 1 on 1 training / body work, and park classes. I love that I now get to share my practice where it feels most at home to me – outdoors.

My Teaching Style

I’m not a drill sergeant, nor am I a babysitter. I’m a teacher and a guide. I truly live what I teach. I will guide you through the practices of Mind-Body Mastery, but I also expect you to meet me halfway. As I don’t believe in mindless exercise, I’m going to challenge you to find PURPOSE in the practice.

When you do this, magic happens. Even if you hate exercise now, don’t be surprised if you quickly fall in love with it when you experience a true, holistic practice that improves every aspect of your life.

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My Training Philosophy

I teach what I like to call Mind-Body Mastery (MBM). I find that most forms of modern exercise create a huge disconnect, and even direct conflict, between the body & mind. MBM is a highly physical practice that creates incredibly strong & fit bodies, but it isn’t about using your mind to will your body into submission; it’s about using your body to stimulate your mind (and vice versa). 

There’s a reason for the “gym bro” stereotype that gets attached to standard gym exercise. This type of dumbed down exercise that isolates body parts and emphasizes aesthetics over function doesn’t stimulate the body OR mind in a holistic way. I spent years doing it myself and always felt like something was missing but didn’t see the obvious answer in front of my face. Movement without purpose is an empty practice.

Humans aren’t the best swimmers, climbers, runners, or jumpers on this planet – but we’re the only animal that can adapt to do any or all of these things (and more) quite well. Our adaptability gave us options and led to the evolution of our minds & bodies to both coordinate such a huge range of possibilities and to use logic & reasoning to decide when and how to use them.

MBM is about getting back in tune with our primal nature. We have to explore more movement possibilities if we want to have a more mindful practice and recapture our humanity. The best part is that it’s actually more FUN to do as well because it’s immensely intuitive and stimulating on many levels.

Experience & Education


Paul has been changing lives as a personal trainer and embodied movement teacher for over a dozen years. He worked in big box gyms early in his career, worked as an independent trainer for a few years, opened and ran his own personal training gym in Dallas, TX for 7 years, and then traveled and taught online for a year before coming to to CA where he now teaches all across LA, esp in the Westside and Valley areas..

California University - MS in Exercise Science & Health Promotion

Paul graduated Magna Cum Laude with his Master of Science Degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion with a concentration on Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention from Cal U.

California University - BS in Fitness & Wellness

Paul graduated Magna Cum Laude with his Bachelor of Science Degree in Fitness & Wellness from Cal U.

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) - CPT

Paul is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through NASM – the top certifying body in the fitness industry.

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) - PES

Paul is a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) through NASM – the top certifying body in the fitness industry.

The Cooper Institute - CPT

Paul is also a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through The Cooper Institute.

The Cooper Institute - Biomechanics Specialist

Paul is a certified in the Bio-Mechanics of Resistance Training through The Cooper Institute.

National Association of Speed & Explosion (NASE)

Paul is a Level 2 (of 2) Certified Speed Specialist (CSS) through The NASE. This certification is all about building power, explosiveness, speed, agility, and endurance through advanced strength & conditioning.

Apex Fitness

Paul is also a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through Apex Fitness.

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Addison Personal Trainer Paul Williamson is working toward MS at CAL U
Addison Personal Trainer Paul Williamson is certified with The Cooper Institute
Addison Personal Trainer Paul Williamson is certified with NASM
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Since there’s a limit to the number of students I can work with in person, the first step is to do a free consultation and 1 test-drive session to make sure we both agree this is the right fit before any money changes hands.
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