(VIDEO) How to Assess & Correct Ankle Mobility (Part 1 of 3-Part Mobility Series)

Tight Ankles Wreak Havoc on Exercise Mechanics!

If you don’t have good range of motion at your ankles (usually because of tight calves), then you are likely going to end up tearing up your knees and/or back by moving and squatting with poor mechanics! Check out the video below to learn how to assess and correct this problem! And for those of you who actually know the difference between length and weight, unlike myself apparently, feel free to laugh at my little blunder that my prop “weighs 4 inches” 🙂

**Note: Aside from the 2 examples given in the video, another surefire sign that you have an ankle mobility issue is if your feet point further outward than your knees when you squat, which puts torque on your knees and can lead to ACL tears!


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