New Student Inquiry

If you seem to be a good fit for my training, the next step is a free test drive / consultation session to confirm the fit on both sides before any money changes hands.


Contact Info


Your Goals

*Make sure your ACTION goals above line up with your RESULTS goals here. Note: For many people, choosing specific example(s) of your body goals can be helpful in forming a clearer image of what you want.
*Take your time and be thoughtful in addressing these 3 questions. As part of our training, I ask that you keep these answers and recite them to yourself EVERY day when you wake up. Cheesy or not, it WORKS.

Your Commitment Level

*Not necessarily all with me, but collective daily time spent on all mind & body training.


*If I'm not available for any of the 3 times, I'll send you my nearest match.

...almost done!

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