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Trainer Paul is the best thing that ever happened to my life. I was unmotivated and really didn’t know where to start with going towards my dreams. Over years, I had gained weight and lost motivation. But…I found Paul and the rest is history. He helped hold me accountable for baby steps on getting where I wanted to be in the fitness and health area. I knew I couldn’t quit because I was never willing to go back. Now, I’m an Ironman and couldn’t be happier with his motivation, accountability, advice and really everything. I’ve lost lots and lots of weight while getting stronger and stronger. I had some pretty big medical issues along the way and he knew how to help me recover from them. Most trainers just want you to get buff. Paul worked with me on what I wanted to work on. I owe most of my healthy lifestyle today to him and I would recommend him to anyone that wants help changing their lifestyle to a fit and happy one!

– Amy S.

I checked out a number of trainers before deciding on Trainer Paul. I decided on Paul because, after studying his credentials and philosophy on his website, I felt like I would get a personalized training program from him, rather than the cookie cutter routines you get at some of the larger gyms, with less experienced trainers.

I have been working with Trainer Paul for over 2 years, and I am totally satisfied with the progress I am making. Since I am a few decades older than your typical gym rat, I had a concern about finding a trainer whom I could feel comfortable with, and who could tailor a program to my specific needs. I was looking for a trainer who could help me regain flexibility and range of motion, eliminate aches and pains, as well as lose weight and gain strength, after many years of physical neglect. Paul has an in depth knowledge of physiology and health, and has put together a plan designed for my specific needs, age, and physical condition. I have improved my range of motion, have less stiffness, have fewer aches and pains, have lost weight, am gaining strength, and I have gained a new sense of well being. With Trainer Paul you not only get someone who is very knowledgeable about the health and exercise field, and who is constantly working toward increasing his knowledge in that field, but you get a trainer who is genuinely interested in helping you get into the healthiest physical condition that you can get into, considering your specific needs.

– Andrew B.

So happy I found this place. I’ve been training with Paul for about a month and he is great! There are a lot of trainers that focus only on making you sweat, but the trainers here know how important it is to keep people functional, flexible, and balanced, on top of getting you results! I am already seeing and feeling the results.

– Paola D.

Workouts that are catered to your fitness level! I interviewed many trainers before finding Trainer Paul. What set him apart from all the others is that he didn’t try to sell me on his “program” and fit me into it. Instead, he evaluated my level of fitness, strength, flexibility and balance and then asked me my goals. He then developed an individualized program for me to reach my fitness goals! All the other trainers wanted me to conform to their program even if my fitness level wasn’t ready for it. I’m in my mid-70’s, so I don’t need to be the strongest at the gym. I simply wanted to increase my strength, balance and flexibility so I could do adventure travel without fear of falling and breaking a hip! I quickly progressed and gained lots of strength and improved my balance and flexibility. Even better, my stamina increased so I could hike 5 – 10 miles a day through the Alaskan tundra viewing bears. Thanks to Trainer Paul, I got to take a vacation of a lifetime seeing bears in the wild – something I could not have done the previous year because I just didn’t have the strength or the stamina. I love that all the trainers at A&W Fitness have the same philosophy and cater the workouts for your fitness needs! I HIGHLY recommend A&W Fitness!

– Mary T.


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