Meditation & Emotional Releases

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A vital part of any holistic practice is the release of stored stress and emotions. The misunderstanding is that practices like yoga and meditation should instantly make us feel Zen and at peace.

Sometimes they do, and they should certainly move us in that direction over time – but to do so, all the blockages we currently have must be allowed to pass through and be felt so that they’re no longer stored within us.

This is why we’re so resistant to meditation, despite the fact that it’s such a simple, life-changing practice. When we stop being busy or entertained, everything we’ve held in comes rushing out and can BRIEFLY make us feel overwhelmed with uncomfortable sensations and emotions.

That just means it’s working.

Personal trainer Burbank CA Trainer Paul

To stop experiencing bottled up emotions as chronic background “noise” we have to allow ourselves to feel them more acutely. My biggest breakthroughs tend to come in the wake of short bouts of overwhelm and/or depression.

These bouts tend to come on strong and pass very quickly. Granted, while it’s happening it can feel as if it’s going to last forever, but that’s the nature of an emotional release – it’s intense, but very, very different from its chronic counterpart that it helps prevent.

The clarity and peace that follow are hard to describe. It’s like my mind is a blackboard with an infinitely complex, Good Will Hunting style math equation on it that suddenly gets erased in favor of either a blank slate or a much simpler equation akin to 2+2. The solution to whatever was bothering me now seems so obvious and simple, and clearly not worth getting stressed over.

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All this to say.. don’t be afraid of these temporary side effects. To bring great things into our lives, we have to create space. But we can only let go of our clutter by allowing ourselves to feel our unfelt emotions.

If you’ve been on the fence about meditating, I strongly urge you to do it. You’ll think you’re doing it wrong when it doesn’t feel how you expect it to.. You’re not. It’s working.


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