Running How Nature Intended

Personal trainer in addison tx paul williamson teaches barefoot running benefitsThe human body has an amazing ability to adapt to all of the things that we put it through and find a way to do them in the most efficient way possible. People have been running for as long as we’ve been in existence, and our bodies have evolved and adapted to become extremely efficient runners. The human foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 different muscles- it is truly an amazing display of natural engineering. That being said, Nike must still think that their engineers are better.

The Modern Running Shoe

Shoes have of course been used to protect feet for much longer than Nike has been around, but the creation of the “modern” running shoe by Nike in 1972 changed everything. Rather than the goal of shoes being to just protect the feet, Nike wanted to completely change the way people ran. They felt that running with a longer stride would help people run faster, which seems like a perfectly reasonable conclusion. The problem is that if you lengthen your stride too much then you naturally land on your heel rather than your forefoot, and this is a very jarring motion to continually repeat.

To solve this problem, all that was necessary was a bit of cushion to absorb the shock. Unfortunately, this changes the entire dynamic of the running motion. When taking a longer stride, the front foot now lands ahead of your center of gravity rather than under it, the front leg has to almost fully extend and is not in a position to absorb impact, and much less momentum is carried from one step to the next – and that’s just the beginning. Even without changing one’s running stride, the cushion prevents the sensory receptors on the bottom of the foot from being able to have a good connection to the ground. The instant that contact is made with the ground, these receptors should be sending signals to many different muscles that need to fire nearly instantaneously for proper shock absorption and this reaction is changed and slowed down by a dampened connection between your foot and the ground.

Re-Learning How to Run

Once a person has re-learned what would come natural to someone who has never worn shoes, a more natural running form can be achieved (though this transition process is often rushed, which leads to injuries). Once a person learns how to properly land with minimal shock and a smoother stride, then running becomes much easier on the joints- and believe it or not, it actually becomes more enjoyable! I don’t think I’m breaking any news by saying that the majority of people don’t like to run, but a huge reason for this is the fact that the way that people are taught to run makes for a very jarring and unnatural activity. I’ve personally seen many people who never enjoyed running (even those that were very fast runners!) that suddenly began to enjoy running once they changed the way they ran – myself included.

As for choosing your footwear to accommodate this change, it is important to be careful not to fall for the marketing gimmicks that have saturated the running shoe market. Nearly every shoe company out there now offers at least one “minimalist” style running shoe. The problem is that VERY few of these products are truly minimalist shoes. In particular, the shoes that are marketed as “cushioned minimalist shoes” are a huge contradiction, because a true minimalist shoe has little to no cushion. The majority of shoes claiming to be minimalist shoes fall into this category of being overly cushioned or still having too much structure and support. While I used to recommend these types of shoes as possible transition shoes before making the whole leap to a real minimalist shoe, I no longer recommend doing this. “In between” shoes typically provide too much bulk under your foot to promote natural mechanics, yet little enough cushion to not be very forgiving, leading to an awful combination that can lead to injuries.

As for shoes that I do recommend, my top choices are the Merrell Vapor Glove, Shamma Warriors (sandals, and my personal favorite), Earth Runners Circadian (also sandals, but with a little more protection than the Warriors), anything from Vibram (the toe shoes), or anything from VivoBarefoot. You really can’t go wrong with any of these choices, it just depends on your own preference. I wear the Warriors almost exclusively because they are the closest I’ve found to being fully barefoot and I love being able to let my feet breathe in sandals without sacrificing function.

How to Transition

After reading all of this, you might be wondering where to start. A simple exercise that I recommend for learning how to run properly is what I call the “treadmill ninja.” I personally prefer running outside whenever possible rather than on a treadmill, but for the sake of this exercise a treadmill works better. When people first try to run barefoot or minimalist footwear on a treadmill, the shock of each landing on the treadmill leads to a pretty loud thud. For this exercise, all you’re trying to do is run at a relatively slow pace for you (~4-6mph depending on the person) and try to land as silently as possible. The sound you make when landing is a great indicator for how well you are absorbing the shock of the landing, and with practice you can get to the point where you land so softly that you barely even make a sound and running ceases to be a “high impact” activity. Since landing on a treadmill is much louder than landing on the ground, the treadmill just allows you to get a better gauge of how well you are doing this. So, as the exercise is named, try to run as if you are a ninja sneaking up on someone.


Here are two other great articles that I recommend checking out for anyone interested in barefoot running (I also highly recommend the book Born To Run by Christopher McDougall):

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