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Don't waste years waiting for results I can help you achieve NOW!

I don’t babysit my clients, I deliver fast, powerful results to driven individuals who don’t like to waste time going through the motions. If you’re ready to channel the same mindset that has helped you succeed in other areas of life into your health & fitness, it’s time to take action and start building your new body today.

Personal Training
Holistic non-resistance personal training with Coach Paul

Paul’s minimalistic, no frills personal training style is all about helping people become the strongest, fittest, and most functional versions of themselves. With a wide array of tools in his toolbox from his extensive experience and education, Paul finds the most direct path between a client and their goals.
Paul’s specialties are strength & conditioning (getting strong and lean!), mobility, and eliminating aches & pains. His holistic, “less is more” approach to fitness emphasizes functional exercise, not clunky machines and unnatural movement. Not only will this improve your posture & alignment, but it will also make your body far more efficient at burning fat, building muscle, and simply moving better.
One thing Paul isn’t is a drill sergeant – his goal is to teach and lead his clients to success, not to break them.

  • Transform your body and feel as good as you look
  • Achieve peak performance from the inside out.
  • Become the strongest, fittest version of yourself.
  • Rehabilitate aches, pains, imbalances, and past injuries


    Personal Training Price List:
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    Transformation Session

    DMS Body-Work (Myofascial Release)
    Deep Muscle Stimulator for myofascial release

    For anyone who has ever done deep tissue massage or used foam rollers to try and work out muscle adhesions (knots) and/or to add flexibility, you will know that this is a very painful and slow process. For adhesions that could normally take months to clear up through typical forms of treatment, the DMS (Deep Muscle Stimulator) can usually eliminate these problem spots in a tiny fraction of the time.
    By clearing up muscle adhesions (essentially, tangled up muscle fibers) and the scar tissue that typically surrounds them, flexibility and body alignment can be corrected by improving the range of motion of the affected joints. Excess tension stored anywhere in your body affects your entire body’s function and alignment, and the DMS is a great way to release this tension so that you can move more freely and naturally.

    30 Minute Session: $60
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    60 Minute Session: $105
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