Trainer Paul’s 4 Primary Personal Training Specialties:

Mind-Body Performance (including athletic training)

Mind-Body Performance is all about aligning the body & mind for the most efficient, effective performance at anything from professional sports to gardening. Most training methods revolve around the notion of “no pain, no gain”, but this is not the most effective way to make progress. When you learn how to tune into your body and remove the strain from exercise, you unlock a whole new level of effortless performance. Not to mention, it actually feels good rather than being a chore.

Have you ever noticed that the best athletes in the world are known for making their sport look easy? Michael Jordan was known for driving down the lane with his tongue sticking out, not with his jaw clinched. These top tier athletes (and countless yogis) know what most others don’t – your body is capable of far more when you are able to maintain a level of relaxation than when you are straining. By combining this concept with cutting edge performance training methods, I can help you unleash your inner athlete with ease. In the end, you will always create better (and more sustainable) results by stimulating your body than by annihilating it.

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Corrective Exercise / Rehabilitation

While I do not do physical therapy, I do have extensive experience with rehabilitation through myofascial release and corrective exercise. I have helped many clients who have either had less than 100% relief from traditional methods of physical therapy, or who have simply had chronic, lingering aches & pains (often without ever having any official diagnosis or explanation). Unfortunately, modern medicine and physical therapy tend to focus on the external manifestations of a problem rather than the root cause. Five different people with rotator cuff injuries could all easily end up with the same physical therapy program, even if the 5 injuries all had different causes.

There is more to regaining function than simply rebuilding range of motion. By assessing the specific imbalances, alignment, and movement patterns that led to the problem (even if it was an acute injury), we can more appropriately target and correct the origin of the problem. Once we find the origin, we can work to strengthen the under-active areas, lengthen the shortened areas, and release the physical points of stress and tension that are at the heart of every problem. Simply taking a cookie-cutter approach to every issue is not enough. To restore optimal function, we must treat every unique problem in a personalized manner.

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Functional / Mobility Training

Functional training is all about, well… function! There are many ways to exercise that will help you perform well inside the gym, but functional training is done for the sake of performing well outside of the gym too. If you’ve ever seen a heavily-muscled bodybuilder struggle to perform simple physical tasks, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. To make sure that all exercise translates properly from the gym to every day tasks (or athletic competition), the key is to replicate natural movements and to maximize range of motion within those movements when possible.

Machines, benches, and other equipment can make for very unnatural, segmented movements. Anything that stabilizes part of your body while a small subset of muscles are worked is going to contribute to imbalances and poor functional strength & mobility. Your body is designed to work as a whole, with every single muscle working as one link in a long chain. If you try to strengthen each link individually, it’s still possible to build muscle and burn fat, but those muscles won’t be very adept at working outside of the gym and you simply won’t feel as good. Functional training will help you remove rather than create aches & pains, and will provide far better overall strength, flexibility, and mobility – plus it’s more fun to do and you can enjoy the benefits all day long!

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General Fitness & Wellness

Whether you have other more specific goals or not, better physical (and mental) health is obviously important. All of my training methods, even those for elite athletic performance, are very holistic in nature and are designed to promote complete wellness in the entire body & mind. Exercise has become more and more of a masochistic practice in modern times, but it isn’t meant to be this way. Exercise is not punishment. If your exercise program leaves you exhausted, stressed and tense rather than energized, stress-free and relaxed, then you’re doing something wrong. If low energy and soreness was the “reward” from exercise, then why would anyone actually do it?

You’re probably thinking that the kind of exercise I’m talking about must not be substantial enough to help you become as fit as you would like to be – but you would be wrong. Even if you are a world-class athlete, a less forceful approach to exercise is still the best way to improve your health, fitness, and performance. Otherwise, your exercise efforts are likely increasing your physical and mental stress levels rather than eliminating them! Whether you want to build muscle, lose fat, perform better, or just feel better, my holistic methods are sure to do the trick – and as always, it will all be designed specifically for you and your personal goals!

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