(VIDEO) The Danger of Cushioned, Supportive Shoes

Unnatural Footwear = Unnatural Movement

I could easily have made an hour long video on this topic (but don’t worry, I didn’t!) – in the video below, I cover the 3 basic areas in which cushioned, supportive shoes do harm to your body and your workouts. For those who aren’t able to go fully barefoot, or just prefer not to, I also cover 2 of the only true minimalist footwear options that successfully mimic the benefits of going barefoot.

For more on minimalist / barefoot running in particular, see my previous blog post on that here: Running How Nature Intended

*Note: When you first transition away from traditional shoes, make sure to take it slow. Going barefoot or wearing minimalist footwear for resistance workouts is a quick transition for most, but running should be taken EXTREMELY slow at first (more details on how to transition in the barefoot running blog linked above).


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