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Paul Williamson, CPT | Personal Trainer | Addison, TX

Look Better. Feel Better. Perform Better.

As a Mind-Body Performance Specialist, I help my personal training clients achieve new levels of performance for any goal from athletic excellence to simply gaining the strength and mobility to accomplish the day’s tasks without aches & pains.

Better yet, my methods won’t break down your body, so you’ll actually feel as good as you look and you’ll always be ready to go when life calls. After all, what good does your training do if you’re always exhausted from it?

Holistic personal training, tailored to you.

We aren’t all the same, so we shouldn’t all be doing the same things. I take pride in providing more than just one-size-fits-all personal training programs. Instead, I utilize my experience and expertise in designing programs that address each client’s unique needs and goals.

As a lifelong student of the human body & mind, I am passionate about delivering a versatile skill set in my personal training practice. I am well-versed in functional fitness, body-weight / TRX training, rehabilitation / corrective exercise, athletic performance training, exercise bio-mechanics, myofascial release, posture / alignment correction, yoga, meditation, and more. As a result, I often work with clients that have needs / expectations beyond what an entry level personal trainer is equipped to handle.

I practice out of my own personal training and wellness center in Addison, TX that I designed specifically to fit my unique training style and holistic philosophy.

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What benefits can I expect from my personal training with Trainer Paul?

Addison personal trainer testimonial for addison personal trainer Paul Williamson of A&W Fitness Personal Training

“Trainer Paul is the best thing that ever happened to my life.”
-Amy S, Iron-Man Triathlete

Since each client will have their own unique starting point and goals, there is a wide variety of benefits that my clients achieve. Here are just a few…

    • Increased strength & mobility
    • Less stress & physical tension
    • Elimination of aches & pains
    • Heightened concentration & body awareness
    • Effortless peak performance in both body & mind
    • Body fat reduction
    • Improved posture and body alignment
    • Increased muscle mass (if desired)
    • A new-found ease in handling daily activities
    • Improved confidence and outlook
    • Rehabilitation of past injuries


Where do you train?

I train out of my own personal training & wellness center in Addison, TX, called A&W Fitness ( Since all we do is personal training and rehabilitation, the setting is completely private, and there are no memberships to buy. With less distractions and a space designed specifically for personal training (and small group training), you can focus on nothing but getting the results you came for.

Experience & Education

I began my personal training career about 10 years ago with 24 Hour Fitness, then spent a few years training at Gold’s Gym before I went on my own and trained at various personal training studios as an independent personal trainer. I found the atmosphere much more conducive to a better client experience in smaller gyms dedicated purely to personal training, but never found one that was set up ideally to suit my own training style. This is why I decided to open A&W Fitness in 2011, and I haven’t looked back since.

Here is a short summary of my education background:

    • California University – Studied Fitness & Wellness as an undergrad and am currently nearing completion of my master’s degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion, with a specialty in Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention
    • National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
    • Cooper Institute – Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
    • Cooper Institute – Certified Bio-Mechanics Specialist
    • Apex Fitness – Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

Why better training doesn’t have to mean higher prices…

How can more experience, more education, and providing more results than other trainers not lead to charging more money? Simple, since I own the gym, I don’t have to give over half of my income to an employer (plus you save the money of paying for a membership). If you pay $70 for a personal training session at a big gym, the trainer typically gets $30 or less. Why pay more than double the value of your personal trainer when you could get an elite level trainer at a facility designed for personal training without paying more?

What are your primary specialties as a personal trainer?

Mind-Body Performance (including athletic training)

Mind-Body Performance is all about aligning the body & mind for the most efficient, effective performance at anything from professional sports to gardening. Most training methods revolve around the notion of “no pain, no gain”, but this is not the most effective way to make progress. When you learn how to tune into your body and remove the strain from exercise, you unlock a whole new level of effortless performance. Not to mention, it actually feels good rather than being a chore.

Have you ever noticed that the best athletes in the world are known for making their sport look easy? Michael Jordan was known for driving down the lane with his tongue sticking out, not with his jaw clinched. These top tier athletes (and countless yogis) know what most others don’t – your body is capable of far more when you are able to maintain a level of relaxation than when you are straining. By combining this concept with cutting edge performance training methods, I can help you unleash your inner athlete with ease. In the end, you will always create better (and more sustainable) results by stimulating your body than by annihilating it.

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Corrective Exercise / Rehabilitation

While I do not do physical therapy, I do have extensive experience with rehabilitation through myofascial release and corrective exercise. I have helped many clients who have either had less than 100% relief from traditional methods of physical therapy, or who have simply had chronic, lingering aches & pains (often without ever having any official diagnosis or explanation). Unfortunately, modern medicine and physical therapy tend to focus on the external manifestations of a problem rather than the root cause. Five different people with rotator cuff injuries could all easily end up with the same physical therapy program, even if the 5 injuries all had different causes.

There is more to regaining function than simply rebuilding range of motion. By assessing the specific imbalances, alignment, and movement patterns that led to the problem (even if it was an acute injury), we can more appropriately target and correct the origin of the problem. Once we find the origin, we can work to strengthen the under-active areas, lengthen the shortened areas, and release the physical points of stress and tension that are at the heart of every problem. Simply taking a cookie-cutter approach to every issue is not enough. To restore optimal function, we must treat every unique problem in a personalized manner.

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Functional / Mobility Training

Functional training is all about, well… function! There are many ways to exercise that will help you perform well inside the gym, but functional training is done for the sake of performing well outside of the gym too. If you’ve ever seen a heavily-muscled bodybuilder struggle to perform simple physical tasks, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. To make sure that all exercise translates properly from the gym to every day tasks (or athletic competition), the key is to replicate natural movements and to maximize range of motion within those movements when possible.

Machines, benches, and other equipment can make for very unnatural, segmented movements. Anything that stabilizes part of your body while a small subset of muscles are worked is going to contribute to imbalances and poor functional strength & mobility. Your body is designed to work as a whole, with every single muscle working as one link in a long chain. If you try to strengthen each link individually, it’s still possible to build muscle and burn fat, but those muscles won’t be very adept at working outside of the gym and you simply won’t feel as good. Functional training will help you remove rather than create aches & pains, and will provide far better overall strength, flexibility, and mobility – plus it’s more fun to do and you can enjoy the benefits all day long!

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General Fitness & Wellness

Whether you have other more specific goals or not, better physical (and mental) health is obviously important. All of my training methods, even those for elite athletic performance, are very holistic in nature and are designed to promote complete wellness in the entire body & mind. Exercise has become more and more of a masochistic practice in modern times, but it isn’t meant to be this way. Exercise is not punishment. If your exercise program leaves you exhausted, stressed and tense rather than energized, stress-free and relaxed, then you’re doing something wrong. If low energy and soreness was the “reward” from exercise, then why would anyone actually do it?

You’re probably thinking that the kind of exercise I’m talking about must not be substantial enough to help you become as fit as you would like to be – but you would be wrong. Even if you are a world-class athlete, a less forceful approach to exercise is still the best way to improve your health, fitness, and performance. Otherwise, your exercise efforts are likely increasing your physical and mental stress levels rather than eliminating them! Whether you want to build muscle, lose fat, perform better, or just feel better, my holistic methods are sure to do the trick – and as always, it will all be designed specifically for you and your personal goals!

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I DON’T Believe in “No Pain, No Gain”
…I DO Believe in Mindful Stimulation & Rejuvenation

I am a personal trainer, not a drill sergeant, and my job is not to “break” you. My job is to help you reach your goals in the most efficient, effective way possible. The truth is, most people dread exercise and think of it as “work”, which is also why most people don’t exercise (or at least don’t stick with it). Those that get the best results and do stick with it are the ones that don’t treat exercise like punishment.

If your exercise sessions are miserable, you’re probably doing more harm than good – and if the misery isn’t enough to make you quit, injuries (including gradual aches & pains) will probably make that decision for you sooner or later. I call this the “sunburn approach”. Sure, you’ll still get tan, but you may also get cancer (and a lot of unnecessary pain along the way).

I have created an approach that I call Non-Resistance Training (NRT) that focuses on stimulation and rejuvenation rather than the traditional model of assault and recovery. Going back to the sunburn reference, rather than baking in a tanning bed until your skin is fried, my approach is more like a steady dose of moderate sun that will get you to your goal even faster and without causing harm. **For more on this topic, see my blog Why Most People Dread Exercise (and the Simple Solution)

I DON’T Believe in Guided Machines or Power Lifting
…I DO Believe in Natural, Functional Movement

The human body was not designed for one body part to be worked in isolation while the rest of the body is supported by man-made equipment. Your body is composed of a magnificent chain of dynamic moving parts, and the more you rely on external equipment for support, the less self-supportive your body becomes. Not only does this lead to aches, pains, and injuries, it also does not translate very well into daily life. My personal training methods rely on more natural and functional forms of exercise because this approach will do far more to increase your mobility and help you feel better in addition to looking better.

I DON’T Believe Your Life Needs to Revolve Around Fitness
…I DO Believe Fitness is an Amazing Tool to Help You Live Better

I am obviously passionate about fitness or I wouldn’t be doing what I do, but that doesn’t mean that I expect my personal training clients to live and breathe fitness. While I have worked with elite athletes, including an Olympic gold medalist, I understand that this is not the goal of most people I work with. I help my clients use fitness to amplify, rather than ignore, the other things in their life that are important to them. Through efficient and effective use of time, you can enjoy the rest of your life with more energy, ease, and vitality.

I DON’T Believe in Restriction / Starvation Diets
…I DO Believe in Healthy, Enjoyable, and Sustainable Nutrition

Nutrition can be one of the most confusing topics around if you follow the constant contradictions in American trends and fad diets. Fortunately, the truth about nutrition is actually much simpler if you ignore the misleading advertising and media campaigns, and instead let nature and common sense be your guides. Nutrition is also no different than exercise in that there is no one single diet that works best for everyone, so it’s important to learn what your body needs. Most people think that eating healthy means eating food that tastes bad, but part of listening to your own body’s needs is eating food that you actually like.

I’m here to help with the details and find a plan that is right for you and is both well-balanced and realistic (for most people, gradual changes are usually more realistic and sustainable than sudden, drastic changes). The level of my involvement in your nutrition is up to you, so if you feel good about your nutrition habits and would rather us focus all of our attention on exercise and/or body-work, that’s just fine too.

I DON’T Believe in One-Size-Fits-All Personal Training Programs
…I DO Believe in Putting the Personal Back in Personal Training

By now you’ve heard me come back to this point again and again, but only because it’s that important. There are two main reasons that this industry can be so confusing – the first is because lots of money is poured into misleading PR and advertising to convince people that unhealthy things are healthy, and the second is because following what worked for someone else is not a surefire way to recreate those results for yourself. As a personal trainer, I believe it’s my job to guide you through the confusion and determine a personal plan of attack that will get you to your goals and beyond.

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