Premier Addison Personal Training

New Pic 1 Flipped 201x300 Premier Addison Personal TrainingHolistic, personalized programs tailored to your needs.

We aren’t all the same, and we shouldn’t all be doing the same things. Paul takes pride in standing apart from the crowd of cookie-cutter fitness programs by providing his experience and expertise in designing programs that address each client’s individual needs. He is also a firm believer in healing from the inside out, and knows that looking better is a natural side effect of feeling better – not the other way around. Paul practices out of his very own fitness and wellness center in Addison, TX that he designed specifically to fit his unique training style and holistic philosophy.

What are the top 3 things I can expect to gain from a Trainer Paul personal training program?

  • Burn fat and build lean muscle- I will ensure that your program gives you the best possible efficiency at losing fat and/or building muscle to reach your own personal fitness goals.
  • Reduction/elimination of aches and pains- A large part of efficient exercise is improving posture, alignment and the structural integrity of your body. I put a major emphasis on this part of the training, as it has a huge effect on how you feel, how you function, and how you look.
  • Improved energy & confidence- When you like what you see in the mirror every morning and don’t feel stiff getting out of bed, there is no doubt that every day starts off better. I often find that the new-found confidence of my clients ends up having more of an effect on their life than any other benefit. Just about everything in life is improved with confidence, so it is not abnormal for other areas of your life that are not directly related to fitness to improve as the result. It is much easier to be yourself and to be assertive when your first thought after walking into a room isn’t about whether or not people are judging you for your appearance (or even better, that they ARE judging you in a positive way for your appearance!).

Where do you train?

I train out of my own fitness & wellness center in Addison, Texas called A&W Fitness ( Since all we do is personal training, massage / body-work, and yoga, the setting is completely private, with no members around to watch your every move. With less distractions and a space designed specifically for the purpose of working with clients 1 on 1, you can focus on nothing but getting the results you came for.

What makes you different from other trainers?

For starters, I am not a drill sergeant!  While helping you to work harder than you would on your own is important, there is much more to a good personal training program than just working hard!  Working hard is great, but working SMART is vital!  Through my thorough analysis, I will determine what needs to be done to lengthen over-active muscles and strengthen under-active muscles. While that probably sounds like jibberish, what it means is that I will get your body back into proper alignment and posture so that your workouts are more efficient. This will not only speed up your fat loss and/or muscle building to reach your goals, but can also get rid of or prevent neck, back, and joint pains!  Many people are at high risk for injuries, or already have past injuries that they were vulnerable to due to poor alignment. Even if you feel that you can’t do certain things because of a past injury, you might be surprised to find out that there are ways to regain strength and mobility to injured body parts!

Besides the average weight loss and muscle building clients, do you have experience with any specific types of clientele?

While I have trained clients of all types from 10 years old to over 80 years old, there are a couple groups that I have extra experience with. One of which is clients over the age of 65- I have had many clients in their 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s who have wanted to focus on retaining/gaining mobility and strength, regaining the posture that they had at a younger age, general weight loss, and just staying healthy to keep medical expenses to a minimum. I have also worked with athletes of all sports, even business professionals who primarily wanted to improve their golf game. One more type of training that I have an excess of experience with is injury rehabilitation, especially for foot, ankle, and shoulder injuries (not always directly after the injury occurred, even years later it is possible to perform rehab!). Most physical therapists will perform the exact same rehab routine for people who don’t even have the same injury. There are three joints in the shoulder alone, and countless ways that a shoulder can be injured so it does not make sense to do the same thing for all of them. I look to uncover what caused the injury in the first place, and get that joint back into stable alignment. Ten different people with shoulder injuries may need 10 different types of rehab programs, not one generic program!

Do you also deal with nutrition?

Nutrition is extremely important, but my involvement in your nutrition is based upon what you would prefer. I am willing to do anything from just giving small nutrition tips to completely detailing every aspect of your food intake. This comes down to what is realistic for you!  There is no extra charge for nutrition assistance as this is fully covered by the cost of your personal training program.  I follow a naturopathic approach to nutrition, where food is actually looked at as medicine.  If you eat the foods that your body responds best to, then you will correct and prevent many health problems as well as losing fat and building muscle!  I can determine what will work best for you just based on your blood type, body type, and fitness goals.